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50 gallon
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Name50 gallon
Size50 Gallons
Inhabitants6 Neon Tetras, 6 Columbian Tetras, 6 Serpae Tetras, 4 Bolivian Rams, 9 Balloon German Rams, 5 Pepper Corys, 4 Albino Corys, 5 Sterbai Corys, 1 False Julii Cory, 3 Panda Corys, 1 Royal Pleco, 3 Sunset Gouramis, too many platys to count.
FiltrationEheim Classic 2217
LightingDual T5 Florescent light fixture
DecorAssorted Driftwood, 1 rock
FoodHikari frozen food *discus, daphnia, blood worms, brine shrimp*, Hikari sinking shrimp pellets/algae tablets, Hikari Cichlid Gold
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