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5G Betta Chamber
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Name5G Betta Chamber
Size5 Gallons
FertilizerSeachem's Flourish Comprehensive
Inhabitants1 Male Veil Crowntail Betta
2 Otocinclus (1 Male - 1 Female)
Ramshorn Snails
Bladder Snails
FiltrationWhisper 10i Internal Power Filter
Lighting7W (330lumens) 6500K Daylight Bulbs
DecorJava Moss
AccessoriesGravel mixed with Sang
FoodOmega One Flakes
Freeze Dried Daphnia, Shrimp and Bloodworms
From Termato on 10/11/13
I have not been able to find that hygrophila you mentioned :(
From Termato on 04/05/12
Hey Phil, I am getting him a 5 gallon tank today :)
From Termato on 04/01/12
Yeah if I can ever find it I will def get it hahaha. This is my second betta :)
From Philnominal on 04/01/12
Btw Hygrophila corymbosa would be a good plant for an open airs tank like that. Bettas can rest on/in the leaves and once above the water it produces blue flowers.
From Philnominal on 04/01/12
Joined the betta crew eh?
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