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SubstrateArgonite Sand
Size6 Gallons
Live Rockabout 100 kg premium grade
Power Head(s)3 small vortech and 1 medium vortech
Protein SkimmerAt the moment. A large Hydor
Calcium ReactorNo
RO/DI SystemYes
Lighting ScheduleAbout to add a 250 watt Metal Halide and loads of Aqua rays
Dosing ScheduleAs and when but will shortly be adding a dosing pump
Flow RateApprox 30,000 ltrs per hour
Top Off SourceRODI
InhabitantsProbably too many. Several tangs , 3 triggers, chromis, wreckfish, lime green wrasse,flame angel,blenny tons of clean up crew
FiltrationLarge Miracle mud system, small algae scrubber Deep sand bed and live rock + a new Aquaripure
LightingMetal halide and AquaRays
DecorLive Rock
AccessoriesPhosphate reactor
Foodcubes and dry flake
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