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36 gallon bow front
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Name36 gallon bow front
Size36 Gallons
Inhabitants2 giant danios, 1 dwarf gourami, 1 clown barb, 2 black mollys, 2 spotted leaf fish, 1 catfish
Lightingadded the blue and green spot lights as night lighting and the fish seem to like it better than complete darkness, also the lights provide a medium for me to be able to view my fish at night with out the harsher day light on, the catfish loves the night too.
Temperature80 degrees
Decorlots of white and natural substrate mixed together, sunken log, dried coral, "wooden" cave (which they love), and lots and lots of plants (yes plastic this is my first aquarium and I am very interested in planted aquariums but not sure how to maintain them yet), oh and a large air stone which was very hard to hide the tubing to but worth it as the spotted fish play in the bubbles
Accessoriesthe 2 spot lights were added later
Foodthey eat a color enhancing fish and shell fish based flake food, I am also going to be getting some more plant based flake foods for the mollys and frozen blood worms for treats.
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