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55g land hermit crab tank
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Name55g land hermit crab tank
Size55 Gallons
Inhabitants18 land hermit crabs - 8 purple pinchers and 10 Ecuadorians
Lighting100w daylight bulb during day-time, 75w moonlight bulb during night-time
Temperature74 (lowest temp on cool side) to 82 (highest temp on warm side)
DecorGrapevine wood, coco-hut, fake log, fake plants
AccessoriesEmpty snail shells for hermit crabs to wear, two water dishes (salt and fresh), screen lid covered with plexi-glass
FoodMeat, seafood, fruits, veggies, seaweed, edible leaves and flowers, freeze-dried bugs, bee pollen
From Tappy4me on 12/16/12
Nice hermie tank!
From aussieJJDude on 07/05/12
Love your PPs your E's are a bit white! what are your crabbies sizes, they might soon grow out of it. you might want to add some more climbing places like shower caddies, the suction cup kind. then have some cholla wood going up to it. You can use moss to place in the shower caddy they really like it. (sorry i get a bit carried away) place some pill bugs (roly poly bugs)in there, they eat the left over food and they make a nice snack! if you havent already go to the HCA (hermit crab association) for more ideas.
From Termato on 05/21/12
Throw a black backdrop on there and BAM!!! this thing is beautiful :)
From Santaclaws on 09/22/11
Very cool I have 5 of my own .That is a great setup. Your crabs are lucky.
From small fry on 06/01/11
Really neat! Certainly the nicest land hermit crab setup I have ever seen!
From Mike on 02/23/10
I like the close up shot of the two crabs on the end of the stick!
From herc on 05/18/09
hermit crabs are so koool
From JHK30 on 04/16/09
nice, but they look nasty.
From willow on 04/07/09
fantastic set up !! the crabs are really nice ones.
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