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jacks tank
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Namejacks tank
Size55 Gallons
Inhabitants1- female jack dempsey
1- placo fish (installed a DIY divider) have 2 current fish and on other side have a convict jack demp and a Black Convict Cichlid
Filtrationcanister type filter have no clue what it is
Lightingbout 7 or 8 inch flourescent tubes on hood 1 on each side
Temperature76 degrees
Decor3 plastic plants a 4 or 5 inch round airstone with 3 med flat rocks laid near or on top of each other to make small hideing spots and two large flat rocs makeing a large a-frame house
Accessoriesjust blue and black gravel with but 2 inch white pebble stones and 4 large white stones bout 4 inches and 2 4 in black stones
Fooda diet of pebbles , frosen brine shrimp that come in squares . feeder fish once a month and meal worms
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