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first saltwater
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Namefirst saltwater
SubstrateArgonite Sand
Size90 Gallons
Live Rock95 lbs
Sump20 gallon
Power Head(s)1 1050 gph 1 450 gph
Protein SkimmerASM G1x
Lighting ScheduleActinic 9:45-10:15 white 10:15-9:45
Dosing ScheduleBionic dose every other day
Top Off SourceManual
InhabitantsBlue Jaw trigger
Tomini Tang
3 Blue green chromis
Red Star fish
2 ocillaris Black clowns
Bicolor angel
2 Peppermint shrimp
2 long spine sea urchins
LightingCurrent T5 VHO 8 bulb

Temperature77 degrees
From Pearl2011 on 07/23/12
The clowns are so cute! What is the branch piece of rock at the bottom? Looks cool.
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