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10 Gallon
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Name10 Gallon
Ownermaple rookie
Size10 Gallons
C02 SystemI have a canister
Fertilizertabs and liquid
InhabitantsPea Puffer x 1, Double Tail Betta, Cherry Shrimps x 2, Apple Snails x 2, Zebra Snail x 1, Rubber Nose Pleco x 1
FiltrationAqueon Filter x 1, Sponge Filter x 1
LightingLife Glo 150 W Blubs x 2
DecorDrifts Wood, Vocanic rock, Sedimental Rock, and a white big rock with lots of caves like holes. Jave fern, sword plant, and some other plants.
Foodpellets, frozen mysis shrimps, frozen bloodworm, frozen brine shrimp.
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