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29g freshwater tank
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Name29g freshwater tank
Size29 Gallons
InhabitantsLots of snails, 7 cherry barbs, 1 male betta
FiltrationAqueon Power Filter 30
LightingThe light that came with the hood...I forget the name
TemperatureAbout 76 degrees
DecorParts of a coconut shell, various fake plants, Java moss, Java fern (I removed the sunken ship because the paint was coming off)
FoodPremium flakes from "Fish and Frogs"
From zombiefish610 on 04/13/09
I think it might be a bad idea keeping the tank in front of the window like that. The direct sunlight isn't good and i'm sure is the cause of the algae on the right side. With that being said...I do like the shipwreck!
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