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shared water b
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Nameshared water b
Size55 Gallons
C02 Systemn/a
Fertilizerflourish excel
Inhabitants10 roseline sharks
2 clown loaches (wifes, in my tank until
clown knife is sold)
1 albino bristlenose
1 Killifish (wifes, in my tank until
clown knife is sold)
1 rasbora het (wifes, in my tank until
clown knife is sold)
5 zebra danios
3 glofish (red, pruple, green)
Filtrationsponge filter
eheim 2015
Lightingcustom t12 flaurescent
Decorblack sand
live plants
Foodfrozen brine shrimp
live mosquito larvae
omega 1 super color flakes
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