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200L tank
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Name200L tank
Size127 Gallons
C02 SystemAir Bar
FertilizerPlant Food
G-Bar Frontosa
2x Electric Yellow
Gold Pleco
Leopard Pleco
Striped Rapheal Catfish
Orange spotted Bristlenose
Potted Anubius
Potted Hygro
Potted Crypt
Potted Anubius
Cuckoo Catfish
Filtration205 Fluval Canister Filter
LightingReptistar Light
Pink Fluorescent Light
Temperature28 degrees celcius
DecorKeyhole Rocks
FoodHikari Catfish Sinking Wafers
Vegie Wafers
Shrimp Pellets
From Kelly100 on 07/04/12
BEAUTIFUL TANK & inhabitants !!!!
From guppyguy on 05/15/12
a turtle? thats new. nice tank.
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