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Buddy's Tank
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NameBuddy's Tank
Size80 Gallons
Inhabitantsawaiting 2 chocolate gouramis
Temperature28 degrees celcius
Decorpredominantly vegetative
Accessories1 large semi enclosed bridge, 1 medium humpback bridge
Foodbloodworms and daphnia, flake food (also plant food supplement)
From stetez on 12/16/12
nice tank looks great. i agree with assault tho i think it may be a 80 litre not 80 gallon
From aussieJJDude on 07/06/12
love how you have a lil white patch of gravel. wonderful layout
From Assault0137 on 05/30/12
that tank is a little small to be a 80g, it looks like a 10. it might be a 80L, but i am not sure
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