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125 Gallon SA/CA Cichlid
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Name125 Gallon SA/CA Cichlid
Size125 Gallons
FertilizerSeachem Flourish Comprehensive
Inhabitants1 Jack Dempsey
1 Green Terror
1 Firemouth
9 Tiger Barbs
1 Festivum
1 Crayfish
FiltrationMarineland C-530 Canister
Aqueon Quiet Flow 55/75 HOB
Lighting2 Coralife 10,000K 24" T-8
1 Color Enhancing 15" T-8
Dual T-8 6,500 K Daylight Fixture
46 LED Moonlighting
Temperature77.2 degrees F
DecorOver 100 lbs. of rock
2 Fake Driftwood Pieces
1 Anubias Nana
3 Anubias Bartieri
Water Sprite
Accessories1 300 watt heaters, not in use at the moment.
FoodFlake Food, Cichlid Grain, Freese Dried Blood Worms, Shrimp Pellets, and Cichlid pellets
From CinBos on 05/14/12
Egrant, I havent received any grief yet...they are doling good, in fact I added 3 more, so we will see how it turns out. I've been told these are one of the better schooling fish to add within a larger cichlid tank. They dont get as big as some schooling fish, and they seem to avoid the other fish.
From Egrant on 05/13/12
Looks good man!! Anyone give you any grief about the danios in the tank? I have in my community tank i want to move with my cichlids but was not sure how that would work out......
From CinBos on 05/10/12
I'm looking to add a 1 Firemouth, 1 Convict, 1 Flower Horn, and 3 Pictus Catfish within the next 2 weeks.
From rhymon78 on 05/09/12
looking good man!!
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