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Size50 Gallons
Inhabitants3x Wonder Killi Fish
1 BN Pleco
3x Molly (1M 2F)
3x Swordtail (2M 1F)
1 Kissing Gourami
Male HM Betta
Female VT Betta
2x YoYo Loach
3x Dojo Loach
3x Bamboo Shrimp
FiltrationAqua Clear
Lighting2x 18in color and plant bulbs.
DecorRoman Coliseum ruins. Standing stone pad for hiding. Squidwards house :P. Cholla wood, Numerous plants + 1 large and 5 nano marimo balls.
Accessories300W heater. Air pump.
FoodOmega One (O1) flake, O1 freeze-dried blood worms, O1 Veggie flakes, O1 Veggie rounds, O1 freeze-dried tubifex worms, frozen brine shrimp/blood worms, fresh veggies.
From txO4 on 05/07/12
The Gourami and Bettas are actually very mild mannered and do well with interaction.
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