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30 gallon
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Name30 gallon
Size30 Gallons
Inhabitantsre stocking so far 2 golden Rams, 1 male platy left over from the live bearers 1 sword 1 mollly adding 12 cardinal tetras and some small loaches maybe kuhli
FiltrationMarineland 200 Biowheel HOB
9 watt uv sterilizer with filter pump
Lighting24 in light
Temperature77 degrees
Decorruins and plastic plants
Accessoriesmarina 100 air pump with bubble wand and airstone in decoration
uv sterilizer
Foodshrimp pellets, omega one super color flakes, frozen brine shrimp and frozen bloodworm, omega one algea wafer
From Chesh on 06/26/12
Cute tank! I SWOON for Bolivians...and Kuhli!
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