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75 gal
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Name75 gal
Size48 Gallons
Inhabitants7x Glowlight Danios
7x Rosy Barbs
15x White Cloud Mountain Minnows
?x Pest Snails (I keep adding them but my fish love to eat them)
FiltrationCasscade 300
Marineland Penguin Submersible Powerhead 660
LightingA stupid back up light because my good one broke
DecorA stump, driftwood, pea pebble, river/ocean rocks, large rocks, Anubias, and tons of fake plants
FoodGoldfish flakes, sinking pellets, boiled lettuce, zucchini, and MTS (according to the Rosies)
From NAH23 on 01/13/15
Beautiful colors on these barbs!
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