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75 gal
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Name75 gal
Size48 Gallons
Inhabitants6x Zebra Danios
6x Glowlight Danios
1x large-ish CAE
12x Rosy barbs
2x Swordtails
1x Tiger Snail
?x MTS (I keep adding them but my fish love to eat them)
FiltrationMarineland 600R (170 gph) with a built in bubbler
LightingCoralife (I need to change the bulbs to freshwater ones, right now I have the light so it is diluted)
DecorA stump (CAE's fav. spot), driftwood, sand, river/ocean rocks, large rocks, and plants.
FoodGoldfish flakes, sinking pellets, boiled lettuce, zucchini, and MTS (according to the Rosies)
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