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10 Gallon Freshwater Tank
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Name10 Gallon Freshwater Tank
Size10 Gallons
Inhabitants1 Oranda Goldfish, 1 Black Moor Goldfish, 1 Red-Capped Oranda
FiltrationPenguin Bio-Wheel 150
Lightingfluorescent Tube
TemperatureRoom Temperature
AccessoriesBlue Gravel, 1 Green Plant, 1 Orange Plant, Stone Head, Stone Bridge
FoodNutrafin Max
From christina l k on 03/18/10
i love the look of your fish ive never had goldfish before but who could resist such a sweet face how often do you do a water change?
From veganchick on 07/16/09
That is a REALLY pretty tank! cute goldies, too! :)
From veganchick on 07/16/09
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