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50 Gallon Community Tank
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Name50 Gallon Community Tank
Size36 Gallons
Inhabitants20-30 Tiger Barb
2 Tin Foil
3 Serpae Tetras
FiltrationAquaZonic Black Knight Filter
(Mechanical & Biological)

DIY Filter just attaches it to the pump's Air part.
LightingRechargeable Lamp Like Flashlight
Temperature32 - 29 degree Celcius
DecorFake Plants
Huge Garden/Road Rock ( Washed )
Pieces of Tile rocks ( Boiled )
Silk/Plastic Tree
AccessoriesMagnetic Brush
FoodPO2 Pellets
Smaller Pellets
XO Humpy Head Pellets
From FishyFishy89 on 01/29/13
Interesting red trim. Did you paint that?
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