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Aqua Culture Starter 10 Kit
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NameAqua Culture Starter 10 Kit
Size10 Gallons
C02 Systemnone yet
FertilizerLaterate under sand
Inhabitants2 Starlite Red GloFish, 2 Tiger Barbs, 1 Blue Coral Moon Platy, 1 Pictus Catfish, 1 Common Plecostomus, 1 Amazon Sword plant, and some Red Ludwig
FiltrationAQUA-Tech 5-15 Power Filter with EZ-Change Filter Cartridge
LightingAqua Culture Aquarium Plant Groth Bulbs, 15W/120 Incandesent
Temperature76 - 80
DecorTahitian Moon Sand, a piece of petrified wood, red ludwig pland, amazon sword plant, and a hollow fake log for our pleco. We also put a freshwater background on the back of the tank.
AccessoriesBubble bar, Heater
FoodI feed them TetraMin ProCare Fish Food Flakes everyday and, Tetra: Freeze Dried Food Bloodworms, I also feed my pictus catfish live ghoast shrimp(it's the only thing that will keep him from eating our Glo-fish)
From Oscarfish789 on 02/08/12
I agree with Zombie that the pleco will get way to big for that size tank and so will the pictus cat( around 10-12 inches) a good algae eater for that size tank would be an Otocinclus (about 2-3 inches max)Otherwise looks like you did a great job on the tank:)
From konstargirl on 06/17/10
You should rehome the pleco. Otherwise the tank looks nice. :)
From Zombie on 07/19/09
The pleco is going to grow MUCH too large for the tank.
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