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african community
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Nameafrican community
Size90 Gallons
InhabitantsCongo tetras, african butterfly, african knife, palmas bichir, spotted ctenopoma, golden wonder killi
FiltrationXP3 and an aquatop CF400
FoodNLS thera A
From thekoimaiden on 08/21/12
Awesome shots!! I love the bichir!
From Olympia on 08/20/12
Cutie pies, Jay! :)
From thekoimaiden on 08/12/12
Can we get some shots of the bichir? Love this setup!
From Chesh on 08/12/12
@Olympia - I KNEW you'd love this tank! Jaysee, do you have any more pictures to add to this profile?
From Olympia on 08/12/12
Ahh! My muse! :-)
From Chesh on 08/12/12
Oh man. . . butterflies, bichir, kinfe, featherfins?! You have ctenopoma in there, too?! *swoons* I wish I could see this tank in person. . .
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