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30 Gallon Freshwater Tank
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Name30 Gallon Freshwater Tank
Size30 Gallons
Inhabitants1 Black Moor Goldfish, 1 Red-Capped Oranda Goldfish, 1 Oranda Goldfish, 6 Common Goldfish
FiltrationTetra Whisper 10-30i
Penguin Bio-Wheel 150
LightingFluorescent Tube
TemperatureRoom temperature
AccessoriesPink-Green Gravel, Many Assorted Plants, Many Assorted Ornaments, Two Pumps
FoodNutrafin Max
From RobertTheFish on 07/19/13
I see what you did there! Made it look like a reef and then stocked with freshwater fish. Seriously cool idea. Way outside the box. Bookmarked and will probably steal this idea someday.
From Kelly100 on 06/17/12
Oh my gosh..... I LOVE THIS TANK !!! Those little fellas are sure lucky to have you !!
From willow on 08/16/09
absolutly stunning,it must be a joy to watch.
From Tetra4life on 05/19/09
auesome tank! but how about some pics of the fancys?
From veganchick on 04/17/09
looks great! Cute fish, too! in the future you might want to consider upgrading, but like i said, the tank and fish look great!
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