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522 aro com
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Name522 aro com
SubstrateBare Bottom
Size150 Gallons
Inhabitants1 arowana,3 albino tinfoil barbs,1 Silver Prochilodus aka fei feng, 1 high fin bat,1 siamese tiger, 2 climbing perch,1 indonesian tiger, 1 fire eel, 1 albino oscar
Filtrationatman canister filter with uv
LightingE450 elegent T5x2 24k submersible
T4 x2 top lighting
Temperature31 degrees
Decorair stone
Accessoriesarowana vitalizer
Foodblood worms,meal worms,tetra bits, hikari predators pellets,live prawns,live feeder and MP
From DeboraBremner on 12/26/13
Very impressive fish! Great pics!
From kitten_penang on 09/20/13
sorry this is a predator needs lots of oxygen cost of the large fishes in there.the plants will die from the lack of co2
From aussieJJDude on 02/01/13
Love the fish however, do you think you could add some plants, it looks a bit bare :D
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