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SubstrateArgonite Sand
Size50 Gallons
Live Rock30 kg
Power Head(s)atman
Protein Skimmerweipro
InhabitantsRussell's lion, scorpion fish, maroon clown, blue streaked cleaner fish, goby, shrimp, maldives lyretail anthias,panther grouper, yellow head goby, jewel rockskipper,cowrie,turbo snail,fan worm
Filtrationcanister filter rated for 4-5 feet tank
N-p pellets,crushed coral, zeolites, single layer coarse sponge
LightingT4 tube actinic blue and white 10000k
white led
Temperature25-26 degrees
Decor1 fake fan coral, 1 fake coral deco, mushrooms,zoas,jewel,anemone,star polyp
Accessoriesbacter vital, bio digest, bioptim,N-P bio pellet, phos zorb,calcium concentrate, essential elements, pro-buffer dkh
Foodfull spectrum, MP, tetra bits, cyclops,coral boosts,hikari bio-pure,marine snow
From kitten_penang on 09/20/13
thanks =)
From FishyFishy89 on 02/12/13
I really love your tank setup. That loin fish is gorgeous!!!
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