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Amazon Flooded Forest (in progress)
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NameAmazon Flooded Forest (in progress)
Size40 Gallons
Inhabitants4 Mikrogeophagus ramirezi (German Blue Ram)
2 Carnegiella strigata (Marbled Hatchetfish)
2 Gasteropelecus sternicla (Silver Hatchetfish)
3 Centromochlus perugiae (Honeycomb Catfish)
FiltrationEheim ECCO Pro 2232
Lighting4 - 13W 6500K Sylvania CFL Bulbs in dual sockets.
Temperature80F - 81F
DecorMalaysian Driftwood
Amazon Frogbit
Brazilian Pennywort
AccessoriesAqueon 100W Heater
Eheim Jager 150W Heater (DIY Inline)
FoodHikari Micro Pellets
Frozen Brine Shrimp
Frozen Bloodworms
From pandamonium on 07/05/12
its a breeder box that i filled with gravel from my other tank in an effort to seed this tank. this was a while ago so my tank looks really different now :)
From aussieJJDude on 07/05/12
Looking good! what is that floater box thingy for? (forgot what it is called)
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