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40 Gallon
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Name40 Gallon
Size40 Gallons
C02 SystemNone
FertilizerFish poop
InhabitantsVariety of dwarf fish including cories, rasboras, neon tetras, rainbow fish and a handful of fancy guppies, red-tip tetras, Praecox rainbows, golden longfin danios algae eaters, shrimp and snails.
FiltrationPenguin 300
Lighting4x 6500 T5HO
Temperature77 - 79 degrees
DecorNatural stones and rocks plus a little buddha and a glass fertility goddess (based on the Venus of Willendorf).
Accessories36" aerator in the substrate
FoodA variety including tubifex worms, one weekly pea, Bottom Bites all natural food chips & some algae chips
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