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Fluval Edge
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NameFluval Edge
Size7 Gallons
Inhabitants3-Neon Tetras (added 04/29/12), 1-Cory Cat (Trilineatus) 2-Guppies
Lighting3W LEDs
Temperature78-80 F
DecorPlastic Plants started 4/27/12
AccessoriesPlastic Log, No Fishing Sign
FoodFish Flakes, Alge Waffers, Dry Blood Worms, Frozen Blood Worms
From xfatdannx on 04/17/13
Ive got the same tank...Mine looked good once, then i got cyano :(
From Anthony56 on 07/05/12
Thanks aussieJJDude.
From aussieJJDude on 07/05/12
Looks nice.
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