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Scuba Steve's Hideaway
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NameScuba Steve's Hideaway
Size10 Gallons
InhabitantsToken (Black Molly)
Meowrth (Spotted Catfish)
Butch and Betsy (Ghost Catfishies)
Kevin (African Dwarf Frog)
DingDong (Angelfish)
Filtration10gal Whisper Filter with Bio Bags
LightingFlourescent Aquarium lighting
Decor2 - Plastic plants
1 - Silk plant
1 - live 4" anubias plant
2 - resin hidey caves
1 - Scuba Steve
AccessoriesScuba Steve is a bubble maker but we don't plug him in - too much water disturbance.
FoodTropical Fish Flakes (Token , DingDong)
Dried Bloodworms Butch & Betsy, Kevin)
Sinking Wafer (Meowth, Kevin)
From FishySuzy on 08/24/09
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