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Freshwater 30 Gal :)
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NameFreshwater 30 Gal :)
Size30 Gallons
InhabitantsBlack banded Leporinus named Cal (though I'm really not sure if he's male or female, so, he's a guy in my mind). He's 14 years old, I acquired him and the tank from a family member. He's about 7-8 inches.
FiltrationWhisper Power Filter 30
LightingFluorescent. I only turn it on on occasion
TemperatureMm, about 79-80 degrees F
DecorPlastic and cloth plants
AccessoriesA few rocks
FoodAlgae wafers and flakes on occasion. He loves those wafers :)
From Canadian Fish on 11/18/12
What a cool looking fish! I have never seen one before.
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