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The Brooks Hotel
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NameThe Brooks Hotel
Size20 Gallons
InhabitantsSnuffles - Bushy Nose Pleco (Male)
Sundrop - African Cichlid (Female)
Blue - Blue Johanni Cichlid (Female)
Stripes - Malawi Golden Cichlid (Female)
FiltrationAqueon Quite Flow 10 with Medium sized filters
Made for 10-20 gallon tanks
Lighting25 watt white bulb (1)
TemperatureResides around 75-78 degrees F
Decorbrown aquarium rock, 2 fake plants, a driftwood piece, a mountain like structure, and a rock like structure. All have hiding space
Accessorieswater temperature regulator, large air stone with pump
FoodTop Fin Tropical Flakes
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