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150 gallon ciclid
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Name150 gallon ciclid
Size150 Gallons
Inhabitants3 rainbow cichlids
2 jack Dempsey
2 green terror
2 orange shoulder servum
2 Texas cichlids
1 red devil
1 tiger talpia butterkoffie/aka fred
Filtration40 gallon sump 25lbs of bio max
2 aquen return pumps 1600gph total
Lighting2 36 in top lights
Temperaturecurrent 76f
Decor1 med fake log tunnel
1 5 gallon custom pale for cave covered in rock
3 piece small drift wood made into a underpass
A bunch of custom rock work around bucket and other side of tank
Fake plants
Accessories2 fluval 300 watt heaters
Foodciclid pelets,blood worms shimp..some lettuce now and then,guppy feeders
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