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By the riverbank (112L/30G)
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NameBy the riverbank (112L/30G)
Size30 Gallons
C02 SystemNone
FertilizerDennerle V30
Inhabitants7x Corydoras paleatus
10x Cherry barbs
Malasian Trumpet Snails
FiltrationEheim Classic Canister 2211
Lighting2x T8 18W Osram 6500K daylight bulbs ("Cool Daylight")
Decor-Brazlian Pennywort (hydrocotyle leucophala)
-Pygmy Chain Sword
-Hygrophila polysperma
-Java fern
-Java moss
From Chesh on 10/13/12
Lovely tank, and very well done! It really does look very natural. . . great work!
From eug on 10/13/12
Thank you for your kind words!
From AK Fresh Water on 10/13/12
Beautiful tank! I love the placement of everything. It looks like everything just happened naturally without a human deciding where everything should be placed.
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