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Turtles 150g
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NameTurtles 150g
Size150 Gallons
Inhabitants2 Eastern Spiney Soft Shell turtles (Hatchling)
1 Common Snapping Turtle (Hatchling) Rainbow/Greed Sided/Least Daters
Mottled Sculpin
Native Shiners
Rosey Red Barb
Giant Malabar Danio
Red Eye Tetra
FiltrationEheim 2217
Rena xP3
Two Powerheads
LightingDual t8 UVB
60w Daylight basking bulb
DecorRocks, Amazon Sword, Fake plants
FoodReptomin Select-A-Food, Frozen Blood worms, Shrimp Pellets, LFS custom vege flake
From Kelly100 on 07/22/12
I LOVE YOUR TURTLE TANK !!! what a great idea for the little babies to have their own place !
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