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Backwater Stream
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NameBackwater Stream
Size65 Gallons
C02 SystemFish & Liquid Carbon
FertilizerFish waste
Inhabitants- 4 Angels (1 Pearlscale Marble, 2 Marbles and 1 Clown/silver)
- 3 Kuhlis
- 3 Bronze Corydoras
- 2 Emperor Tetra
- 3 BN (1m/2f)
- 10 Rummynose Tetra
Filtration303 Fluval Canister Filter, Spray bar return with 2 small internal filters (one contains media other is empty and used as a powerhead)
LightingFish tank light
Temperature26C (79F)
DecorPlastic plants, bogwood, rocks & algae
- Anubias (var. nana petite)
- Java fern (var. needle leaf)
- Java Moss
- Vall (var. Unknown)
Foodfish flake, granules, tablets, small alive aquatic animals and fresh vegetables
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