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4 Foot Hermie Tank
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Name4 Foot Hermie Tank
Size64 Gallons
Inhabitants5 C. Variabilis (Aussies):
- Kiwii (Med) (Since Feb, 2012; Female)
- UMO (Medium) (Since March, 2012)
- Tank (Large) (Since November, 2012; Male)
- Candii (Micro) (Since October, 2013; Female)
- Hermionii (Medium) (Since December, 2013; Female)
Multiple Aquatic Snails:
- Melanoides tuberculata (Malaysian Trumpet)
- Physidae sp. (Bladder)
Java Moss in FW Pool
A bunch of bird mix seedlings
A bunch of Chia seedlings
FiltrationA small internal filter in the freshwater pool
LightingMoon light lamp, heat lamp, natural lighting
Temperature25/29C (77/85F)
80-90% humidity
DecorWood, Second levels, ornaments, Plants, rocks
AccessoriesShells, lights, heater, humidity and a caring owner/family
FoodOrganic foods that humans eat - what ever I eat for dinner
From Chesh on 01/24/14
Three cheers for hermiies! Love this setup! ^__^
From willow on 02/01/13
absolutly fantastic !
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