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45 Gallon
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Name45 Gallon
Size45 Gallons
C02 SystemDiy Co2 2 Bps
FertilizerFlora Pro, Tetra Plant Floratabs,Brightwell Florin-FE
Inhabitants24 Neon/Cardinal Tetras. 8 RummyNose, Guppys + Fry
FiltrationFluval 205
Lighting2 x 30 Watt T8's
Temperature25 Degrees C
Riccia Fluitans

Sagittaria Subulata
Eleocharis Parvula
Rotala Indica
Didiplis Diandra
Dwarf Hairgrass
Red Ambulia
Java Moss
Sagittaria Platyphylla
Ambulia Aquatica
Vallis Torta

Driftwood Found along Suffokl Beach :)
FoodNew Era, Bloodworm, Brine Shrimp.
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