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Honey Planted
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NameHoney Planted
Size60 Gallons
C02 SystemNA
FertilizerSeachem Tabs and Flourish Comprehensive
InhabitantsL. Aromatica
Bronze Crypts
Dwarf Water Lettuce
Peacock Moss
Hydrocotyle Umbrellata
Stourgyne Repens
Polygonum Kawageonum
Hygro Pinnatida
Brazilian Sword
Dwarf Baby Tears
Amazon Sword
Hemianthus callitrichoides
Water Sprite

5 Golden Honey Gourami
2 Long-fin Chocolate Bristlenose Pleco
17 Harlequin Rasbora
4 Feral Guppy (male)
FiltrationFluval U3
LightingSolarmax High Efficiency Double T5 48"
10000k 28w
6500k 28w
Temperature76-79 unheated
DecorDriftwood, Lava Rock, Plants, Other
FoodNew life spectrum small fish pellets, Blanched zucchini, occasional blood worms and brine shrimp
From Canadian Fish on 11/18/12
Nice! Those plants with that driftwood and the lava rocks looks great!
From grannyfish on 07/14/12
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