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Mermaid's Cove 6/12 *CLOSED* upgraded to 5g
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NameMermaid's Cove 6/12 *CLOSED* upgraded to 5g
Size3 Gallons
FertilizerSeachem Flourish
InhabitantsPrincess ShimmerBlue - My 5 year old daughter's MALE Betta splendens ;)
FiltrationBio-Wheel nonsense
DecorTank was a gift for my 5 year old daughter's birthday and has a mermaid theme in purples and blues.

In tank are purple and blue plastic plants, purple gravel, and turquoise recycled glass stones, along with living plants Fanwort, Anacharis, Java fern, and floating Salvinia
AccessoriesMarina Mermaid ornament
FoodSpecially formulated Betta pellets, along with a variety of wet-frozen goodies (bloodworm, daphna, mysis, brine, etc)
From Chesh on 08/27/12
I've been told that he's a half-moon, but someone else said that he's a rosetail, because his tail doesn't come all of the way unfurled when he flares. Whatever he is, he's GORGEOUS - and a princess ;)
From Pearl2011 on 08/27/12
Is he a half moon?
From Chesh on 08/17/12
Kelly! You're SWEET! Thank you! *blushes* If you come back as a Betta, we'll be happy to take care of you! But please bear in mind - there *may* be some gender confusion *giggle* Hopefully you won't have to live in an awful little cup until we find you!
From Kelly100 on 08/17/12
when I leave this earth, I wanna come back as a little Betta that lives with your daughter !!
From Kelly100 on 08/17/12
WOW !!! This is the most beautifulest little aquarium I think I've EVER SEEN !!!
From Chesh on 08/11/12
Thanks, I'll let daughter know you said so, Shimzie is *TECHNICALLY* her fish :) It's a 25w Cascade by Penn-Plax, programmable, but I wish it was smaller! It worked out perfectly with the tank/setup, so it can't be seen :)
From Pearl2011 on 08/10/12
How many watts is the heater you use? And I lovee the name!! LOL
From Chesh on 07/06/12
DUDE! I saw it come up at the top of the screen too - I was excited! Don't they just randomly put up ALL of the tanks, though? Depending on where on the site you are? *shrug* Still neat to see it up there!
From Termato on 07/02/12
Chesherca's Mermaid's Cove (click to visit) - Feature profile oh yeah hahahah. Love this tank.
From Chesh on 06/20/12
HAHAHA! Simon... can you imagine what a Betta's fins would look like in an altered state? Beautiful enough sober! ;) Thanks, Termie! I'm surprised at the great response I've had to such a PLASTIC tank, lol! Very, very kind!
From rhymon78 on 06/20/12
I think I am having an acid flashback..... thats some colourful tank. like how it matches the fish!
From Termato on 06/20/12
This is how you do it! Beautiful. Love the tank and the betta.
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