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20 gallon
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Name20 gallon
Size20 Gallons
InhabitantsSakura shrimp
Yellow Rabbit snail
x5 three lined cories
x1 Farlowella vittata
x3 threadfin rainbow
x4 marble hatchetfish
x3 African dwarf frog (Atilla and The Hun, plus Karl)
x6 Black kuhli loach
x5 Malayan halfbeak
Decorsunset hygro, polysperma hygro, hornwort, egeria, crypt, aponogeoton natans
From Olympia on 06/20/12
There's only 6 shrimp for now! I'm hoping they will breed! Plus I do have fish plans for this one too, I'll update when I get them. But I gotta hold back on more fish until my exams are done (next week). :)
From Chesh on 06/20/12
20 gallons of SHRIMP!!! Awesome. . . You have to get a full-tank shot on this one, I'd love to see it with all of the pretty green foliage!
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