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Kokobes tank
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NameKokobes tank
Size20 Gallons
Inhabitants1 blue-ish purple betta crowntail
FiltrationMedium tetra care filter
Lighting7 watt fluorescent light bulb
Temperature84 degrees
DecorMixed aquamarine, blue, and light blue gravel, cave, paradise waterfall cave (4 inches long, 8 inches tall)
AccessoriesAir pump, heater, thermometer
Foodbetta flakes and pellet, bloodworms.
From FishMania on 11/06/10
he gets 20 gallons to himself? Nice. I"ve got all my bettas in community tanks of no less than 10 gallons. I"ve got a female in a 30 gallon with 3 angelfish 2 blue rams (until their tank finishes cycling again) and a couple mollies and platties
From parakeeto225 on 07/26/10
Thanks You Guys, I Haven't been On in So Loong . I Have Goldfidsh & Guppies Now Too . Of Course They're in different Tanks Ha
From fish fan on 07/25/10
georgeous betta! do you have any photos of your tank?
From Akeath on 11/14/09
A beautiful fish, and it sounds like you take great care of him too.
From bhone20 on 06/23/09
Great looking fins!
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