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120 gallon
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Name120 gallon
Size120 Gallons
InhabitantsDwarf rainbows golden zebra loaches gourami, bolivian rams
Filtrationfluval 405 cannister filter and eheim 2217 cannister filter uv sterilzer hooked up inline to eheim cannister
Lightinglight fixter with 332 watts2 96 watt compact white bulbs 2 85 watt atinic compact bulbs and 10 watts of led lights
Temperature 2 heaters 1 200 watt titanium heater and 1 300 watt titanium heater equaling 500 watts
will be 78-80 degrees
Decor 3d rock background flourite substrate Live plants amazon swords melon swords crypts java fern wisteria driftwood ludwiga water sprite anuubas
Foodflakes frozen blood worm pellets wafers
From Canadian Fish on 09/27/12
Looking great!
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