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60 g second tank
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Name60 g second tank
Size60 Gallons
Inhabitantsstill cycling but the tank will based around hopefully getting a pair of angel fish (black)

My LFS has some yellow lab cichlids in so I may try one of those as Ive heard there a little less aggressive.

Definitly will have a few live bearers in here and some tetras
Filtrationrated 90 g quiet flow
LightingHave picked any up yet this was a used tank and the the lights were shot when I tried them. Went to a big box store and all they had was over priced led lights so Im still shopping around.
Temperature80 have a heater but haven't seemed to need it yet.
Decorextra large lava rock with many holes and some home made rock caves from rocks I found at my lake (cleaned of course) fake plastic plants still havnt made the jump to planted
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