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6 Girl Sorority
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Name6 Girl Sorority
Size10 Gallons
Inhabitants6 Female Betta (Sini, Tweak, Racketti, Tavi, Tytto, and Kala)
1 Mystery Snail
1 Bristle-Nose Pleco (Juvenile, will be moved when he hits 2.5" :] )
FiltrationAquaTech 5-15 Gal
Lighting1 incandescent bulb, 1 50/50 Fluorescent
Temperature82 degrees
DecorSilk plants, Mangrove root decoration from Petsmart, dwarf water lettuce, driftwood, and java moss.
AccessoriesBubble curtain to move the water around better, and a Fluval 50-watt submersible heater.
FoodBettaBio Gold Pellets, TetraColor Flakes, Omega One Betta Buffet Flakes, and frozen brine-shrimp once a week.
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