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125 gallon salt tank
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Name125 gallon salt tank
Size125 Gallons
Live Rockfiji 70lbs
Sump55 gallon half full.
Power Head(s)1 1200 marine land
1 marine land 900
1 aquen 500
Protein Skimmerbest choice ebay skimmer 730 gph. and sea clone 150
Inhabitants1 blue tang/dory lol
1 korean angel
1 nanso tang
1 yellow damsel
1 diamond goby
2 clown fish/nemo
2 4 stripped damsels
turbo snails x5
nassur snailsx5
reg hermit crabsx10
2 pep shrimp
Filtrationmarine land 1200 power head x2
sump set up
2 aquen 617ghp returns
1 1/4 inch return
5 inch wide over flow
Lighting4 t5 2 10k and 2 acintic
Decorblack back drop
Foodmarine pellets
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