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65 Gallon Sand
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Name65 Gallon Sand
Size65 Gallons
C02 SystemNone
Fertilizernot sure
Inhabitantsangel, 9-ish corydoras, tetras, longfin danio, 2 white mollys, 3 opal gouramis, 3 orange gouramis, snails. NEW: added 5 tiger barbs, 1 clown loach, and 1 panda corydora. Hopefully i can get 2 more loaches and a couple more corys soon.
FiltrationTwin canisters, one large and one small, one's using nitrate removal stuff in addition to the eheim substraat, the other is mechanical/biological. Also testing various sponge filters.
Lighting4 foot lamp with 4 bulbs, back set is natural light, front set is for plant growth.
Temperature77-79 Tmax (increasing to 80 soon)
DecorWooden log, various LFS bought tank items, lots of small plants
Accessoriesheater, thermo, ammonia detector, dual-head air pump (runs a sponge filter for quarantine use)
FoodToo many to list. Everyone gets a little of everything.
From tropicalkass on 12/10/13
Love this tank and the little tiki hut. Btw, where did you get the ammonia detector and how does it work?
From genewitch on 04/04/13
I will add more pictures soon, the filesize limit is stopping me, lately. that and laziness. the plants are insane now!
From KatSea on 04/04/13
From KatSea on 03/14/13
Beautiful tank!
From Kelly100 on 08/20/12
beautiful tank !! I love the light set up !!
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