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90 gallon mixed reef
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Name90 gallon mixed reef
SubstrateArgonite Sand
Size90 Gallons
Live Rock150 lbs
Sumphome-made 30 gallon
Power Head(s)two koralia #4's
Protein SkimmerAquaC EV-180
Controller/Timertimers for lights
RO/DI SystemCoralife 4-stage RO/DI, 50 gpd
Lighting Scheduleactinics 12:00-11:00, halides 1:30-9:00
Dosing Scheduledaily B-Ionic, calcium supplment... magnesium as necessary
Flow Rate2800 gph, or ~31x tank volume
Top Off SourceRO/DI
InhabitantsFISH: Midas Blenny, Maroon Clown, 4-stripe Damsel, Firefish Goby, Blue/Green Chromis

CORAL: trumpet coral, purple digitata, GSP, finger leather, various mushrooms, purple/pink zoanthid colony

INVERTS: rose bubble tip anemone, coral banded shrimp, peppermint shrimp, pom pom crab, emerald mithrax crab, various hermits, various snails
Filtrationliverock, deep sand bed, protein skimmer, high flow rate in display
LightingCurrent USA Outer Orbit Metal Halide + PC Fixture (2x150W MH, 2x130 actinic PC, 560W total)
Temperature~80 F
Decorliverock, corals
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