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25 Gallon Shrimp
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Name25 Gallon Shrimp
Size25 Gallons
C02 SystemNone
FertilizerThe odd Flourish Comprehensive
InhabitantsRed Cherry Shrimp, Mystery Snail, Malaysian Trumpet Snails, and a fish fry of unknown origin and species. Guess I will know when he grows up :)
FiltrationEheim Canister 2211
LightingStock Coralife 24" Lighting. one 6500k T5 and one 10,000k T5
DecorPlastic root thingie that looks like an alien, homemade moss covered tunnels, black gravel, green camboba, anacharis, micro sword, java and peacock moss, red ludwigia, water hyacinth, windelov java fern, and a mystery plant LOL!
AccessoriesMarineland white LED bubbler wall. Ehein heater... not currently being used.
FoodRepashy Shrimp Souffle, Spinach, Hikari First Bites for the fry, Zucchini. Whatever else that I might find to throw in there.
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