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Size10 Gallons
Inhabitants2 African Dwarf Frogs, 1 Ghost Shrimp, 5 Glow Light Tetras, 3 Spotted Corydoras
FiltrationAqueon Quietflow 10 Powerfilter
Lighting2 Compact Fluorescents- Zoo Med Ultra Sun Daylight 10W 6500K trichromatic full spectrum
Temperature78 deg.
Decor5 different species of live plants, 1 piece of drift wood, several rocks
AccessoriesHeater, Thermometer, Algae Scrubber, Gravel Siphon, API products for infections and solving water issues, pH up + down, Testers for pH, Nitrite, Nitrate, and Ammonia, Plant fertilizer
FoodReptomin Frog, Hikari sinking wafers, Aqueon Betta pellets, Cobalt tropical fish flakes, Aqueon Betta treats (freeze dried bloodworms)
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