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Convict House
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NameConvict House
Size20 Gallons
Inhabitants1 female "zebra" convict: 2 1/2 inch
2 male pink convicts: 5 inch and an almost 2 inch
1 unknown sex pink convict 1 1/2
FiltrationAquaeon, the one that starts up automatically, meaning you don't need to pour water into the top
Lightinguh yeah it has a light on the lid, makes the color "clear" I guess one could say
TemperatureI keep it around 77-79
DecorOne bell that's large enough for my mating pair, two flat rocks, four small rocks, one small pot, or pitcher thing, and a coral reef rock thing
AccessoriesI've got a Lifeguard Little Time or Temp to give me accurate results, a heater that doesn't burn you when you touch it, in or out of the water, and an air pump.
FoodThey were eating Hikari, but I'm switching them to a cichlid flake food cuz that's what the babies will be eating
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