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Fluval Chi
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NameFluval Chi
Size5 Gallons
Inhabitants1 Julli Cory Catfish
1 Skunk Cory Catfish
1 Highfin Platy
1 King Betta
1 Bubble Bee Gobi
2 Zebra Snails
1 African Dwarf Frog
FiltrationFluval Chi filtration System (1 filter pad & 1 foam pad)
Small world filtration system (charcoal)
LightingLED lighting system attached to filter
Temperature72-76 Degrees
Decor1 Small Castle, 1 center rock/fake plant combo
FoodFrog - (small amount of brine shrimp)
Betta - Betta Bites
Platy/Gobi - Flake food
Cory Catfish - Algae Discs
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