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Aleah's tank redo
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NameAleah's tank redo
Size10 Gallons
C02 Systemnone
Inhabitantsjava fern - 2 types, java moss, crypts, anubia wentii, red cherry shrimp, 12 neon tetras, 3 oto cats, 1 sparkling gourami
FiltrationMarineland biowheel HOB
Lightingsmall LED/moonlight & 1 15 watt T8
Decorrocks, bogwood,oak leaves
Foodflake, frozen daphnia, live brine shrimp
From mikey5598 on 03/12/13
Beautiful job.
From eug on 10/05/12
Apart from the little distracting specks of brightly coloured gravel, really lovely tank!!
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